Up and Coming Pittsburgh Rappers

 This is a partnered post but all opinions are my own.

A little known fact about me...I think rap music is amazing. Granted I listen to all genres of music, but rap just fasinates me because to do it, I think someone has to have a ridiculous amount of talent. Now, I know what kind of pretenses the genre comes with and let's just be clear, I do not like music that is just about drugs, sex, drinking and killing people, I think that is a waste of this talent. But since I have worked with Pittsburgh female rapper, Kellee Maize, in the past I have grown to appreciate rap more and especially rappers that are atypical and do not follow the crowd. (Example: Karmin.)

So when I was asked to feature these two Pittsburgh rappers who claim to be atypical, I was almost instantly on board. Both of these guys are young and from right here in Pittsburgh and have been rapping and hoping to create a future for themselves in music for awhile now. After listening to both of their songs, I knew that they had talent and though they do swear, they have strayed from the path of drugs, sex and violence like others have fallen in to. Here they are, Woo and Mikey P, hope you enjoy their videos and send them some love.

Woo - The Vent

Mikey P - Haters Say

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