It's the holiday season!

Photo of the rink and tree at PPG Place, compliments of my friend Tina.
Well, it's officially Christmas time in Pittsburgh! Light Up Night illuminated downtown this past weekend and it's now beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Cue music. I'm not really a fan of celebrating Christmas before giving Thanksgiving its own time, but I have to admit, the city does look good, and bright. This was the first year that I was able to be downtown for the festivities (even though I've lived downtown for two years now), so I never realized just how much was going on. In years past, I was either working at the Gateway Clipper, Victoria's Secret or was on the Gateway Clipper as a guest, so I had no idea that basically everyone in Pennsylvania, was downtown. Though I assumed as much.

However, the only thing I was interested in this year were the fireworks. I have been obsessed with fireworks for as long as I can remember. So, after a birthday dinner with the family for Eric's 25th, I met up with some friends to watch the fireworks from the Clemente Bridge. For future reference, the Gateway Clipper gives the greatest fullest view of the fireworks display.

Along with the fireworks there were bands performing in Market Square, the unveiling of the Macy's Christmas window displays, ice sculptures, a great parade, of course the lighting of the PPG Place rink and tree and traffic, traffic and more traffic. Sigh. Welcome to the Christmas season! If you've got some time this season and you're in the area, you should seriously come downtown for some winter fun. And anyone who can talk MJ into going ice-skating with me at PPG will win a major award! Yes, a major award just like in A Christmas Story. Last year I didn't get to go because I was preparing for knee surgery, this year, I am healed and ready to get my skate on! Also, here are some poor quality phone pictures for you to enjoy!



The Clemente Bridge with thousands of other people.
The bubble Christmas tree in Market Square. My favorite!

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