Politically Fashionable

If you are reading this in America, after doing so, if you have not already, you should go vote for our next President, and for your own local and state officials. If you are reading this in another country, you're welcome to just focus on the fashion.

Today was a big day. I say this before the election results are announced because I'm talking about me personally. Today was the first time I (and my brother) were able to vote....in person. In the last election, we were away at different colleges, Seton Hill and Mount Union, without a way to get back home to vote where we were registered so the absentee was all we could do. But now, both of us are in Pittsburgh earning our masters degrees and our small home town of Ellwood City is just a little skip (or about an hour drive) north of the city. We also knew we would be bought lunch at a favorite local diner by our dad if we went to vote with him. (Thanks, Father!) And it's always nice to take a break from the city, even if it's just a couple hours.

Here's the real reason for posting. My outfit. For awhile now I have to pining over the thought of being strictly a fashion blogger and with the encouragement from some friends, I think I'm going to add more of my fashion in to Chels & the City, but I could never take out "the City" part of my blog. But here goes on my first outfit post. It was very election-inspired. I had first planned to wear my red jeans, but them just seemed too loud to be wearing around the baby city of Ellwood that I was walking around in.

Outside "my polling place."  Plaid Blazer: Target | Dark wash skinny jeans: New York & Company | Boots: Voltage     

Mix of bracelets. Top two bracelets: Burlington Coat Factory | Hope bracelet: Maurices

I voted sticker! Necklace: Boutique la Passerelle |  Puppy Shirt: Old Navy | Belt: Unknown

And again, I hope you did vote because it's not your American right, it's your duty. People fought long and hard for us to be allowed to speak our minds and have our votes count. Being an American is a privilege. Remember that when you think you're making a statement or personal protest by not voting.


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