Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet David!

After I have been pulling all-nighters and working hard all week for my grad school classes, it has finally taken it's toll. And today, when I woke up with a severe sore throat and no desire to find a fashionista/o I texted MJ to find one for me. So nice to have good help! I told him which questions to ask and how to take the photos and my little helper did a bang-up job. And of course, he picked a fashionisto, because he thinks Fashion Forward Fridays lacks men, which is true.

David in his office, wearing the causal/professional attire.
David is an Admissions counselor at Robert Morris University and the lead singer and guitar player for the band Identity X and he has a clear sense of style. While he likes to shop at places like Express, Marshall's and Macy's, he considers his style to be casually professional. As he is clearly doing in today's outfit, he says that mixing patterns is a way to amp up your personal style. (I agree!) David says that although he thinks it's now okay to do this mixing of patterns because it is currently on trend, but he thinks that you should not mix patterns of similar shapes, like argyle and checks because it's too much of the same thing.

Mixing argyle and stripes - great trend for guys (and girls!)
He also said something that I don't think anyone could ever stress enough. David said that he never wears a full outfit from one store and that the real key to finding your own style is finding the right pieces from different places and brands and bringing them together for one clean, unique and cohesive look. He also mentions that tailoring is a must and makes a huge difference.

As for Pittsburgh being the third-worst dressed city, according to GQ, he thinks that Pittsburgh does have some of the worst-dressed people, but the city as a whole is actually pretty trendy. So just a few bad apples ruining our bushel. Let's fix that, Pittsburgh! Happy Weekend!

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