Fashion Week: Meet Jessica of Midwest Muse!

Hoping you all are having a fantastic week! With Fashion Week winding down, I just want to thank you all for following along so far and remind you we're not done yet! And the giveaway winner will be announced on Saturday so be sure to enter to get some great new pieces for spring!

Today, I'm so excited to introduce you to Jessica of Midwest Muse! I honestly don't know when I started to follow Jessica because it feels like I always have. She is easily one of my favorite bloggers and I think her style is unparalleled. How she combines feminine and edgy pieces blows my mind, seriously, she's amazing. I gushed about her in a post last week and have to say it again, she's making Ohio look cool. (That's a big thing for a Pittsburgher to say!) She also has a fantastic taste in music, if I do say so myself, considering we like a lot of the same bands. I feel like had we met in high school, we would've been friends to this day. I hope you enjoy meeting her today and checking out her impeccable style.
All photos provided by Jessica.

How would you define your style? 
I would define my style as being feminine yet edgy.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
I will shop anywhere with a sales rack and the thrift store. I am so beyond thrifty with my clothes. I like to look great, but I also don't like to spend too much money. Thrifting and sales are perfect for this. Of course, I make exceptions, but it usually involves a lot of waiting and making sure that I NEED a piece over $40 or whatever.

What are some of your favorite pieces or go-to pieces in your closet? 
Dresses. Dresses are my go-to. This sounds generic, but basically any dress that is easy to put on (doesn't require someone to zip, complicated buttons) or skirts + band t-shirts. That's been my main winter go-to. I like to keep it simple.

Where does the inspiration for your outfits come from?
My style is completely based on my moods and practicality. I am always out and about and I want to be comfortable yet stylish. It's sometimes a hard line to balance, but it's necessary. I am also inspired by the weather (duh), my friends, and colors. Inspiration is everywhere if you understand how to interpret it.

If someone asked you for style advice, what would you tell them?
Style isn't what everyone else is wearing. Style is what you want to wear. What you feel good in. What you love. Take whatever that is and own it. Even if it's not what the masses are wearing/loving. Seriously. Just be you and your confidence will be enough to make everyone believe in your choices.

When and why did you start fashion blogging?
I've been into the Internet since I discovered it in middle school. I started off on Livejournal and have been on various blogging platforms before blogging was a term. For my sixteenth birthday, my Dad got me a digital camera (when they were first become affordable) and from there my love of cameras blossomed. I eventually upgraded and started taking self-portraits. My style was evolving and while my portraits were more "artsy" I really enjoyed it. This is about the time that style blogging became a thing. I read a lot and I was like, "I can do this!" So basically, it was me combining my love of photography, blogging, and style. It was a perfect creative outlet for me. Though I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I think this was 2 1/2 years ago.

How has your style grown or changed since you began fashion blogging?
I think my style was much more basic when I started. I wasn't sure how to put together outfits or what I liked beyond dresses. I think my style has evolved into my style. Does that make sense? At first I just liked clothes and now it's a lot more than that. I know exactly what I like and why I like it. I know what works and what doesn't. Which I think just means that I've learned to understand how to dress my body better. Which is to say, I'm sure there are outfits in my archives that I am ashamed of.

What advice do you have for bloggers just starting out?
My advice is this: look around at the blogs you love, at blogs that make you want to blog, think about why you like these blogs. Is it the style? The photography? Their lifestyles? The articles? The design? Take that in, make note and decide which part of those you want to document and which align with your life. Make realistic goals. Realize that your blog will not be a success overnight and that you must cultivate it. For me, coming up with a good name & design are the first steps. Everything else can be built around that. Your goals and ideals will change once you start blogging, but it's important to start off with the right ideas.

Also I think it's important to note that you don't need fancy cameras, expensive software, designer clothes. Just be you and use what you have. You will learn so much just from blogging. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you do, everything else will eventually happen if you work hard.
Lastly, network, network, network. Building and fostering organic relationships is the most important. The big bloggers you admire aren't going to come to your blog (probably), but other bloggers most definitely will. Some of the best people I know I have met from fashion blogging and met them in real life. It's that AWESOME.

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  1. great post! i especially love your answer to the last question, you really don't need a bunch of special equipment to start off. awesome blog :)

    x leah symonne x


  2. I love her style too, and she seems very genuine. My other fav style blogger from Ohio. from a few years back, is Katherine from of Corgis and Cocktails. And, although, I like the Midwest, I have become reaccustomed to my home here in CA. I don't ever want to leave San Diego ever!

  3. Yes, I love Katherine's blog too. And Jessica is super genuine, hope you check out her blog!

  4. What a gorgeous dress! That mint color is just gorgeous!

  5. Based on those photos, Jessica, I think you nailed the description of your style - definitely feminine and edgy!

  6. Love Jessica's style & what she had to say about it. How she dresses in what she loves is def apparent in her blog, and i loved her tips on finding what you love on other blogs before getting started, i think it's so easy to just trudge along and forget your focus. Also, I am seriously jealous how Jessica has been able to meet some of my other favorite blogger gals in real life!

  7. Thanks so much for having me here! And I'm so glad our feelings are mutual. :)

  8. Right? It's the perfect description for her!

  9. Yes, I'm pretty jealous of all the connections she's made. But she's the kind of person who just makes things happen! And she does have great advice here, glad you stopped by!!

  10. You are sooo welcome!! It would have felt weird if you were not a part of this week! :)

  11. Hi Chelsea, so yesterday I spent the day shopping and cooking food, but had to loop back to see what happened on Thursday for Fashion Week. I love the unique variety of what you have showcased. The photo combination in this feature is so pretty with the soft colors. Another nice interview too, good job. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Peggy! I'm so glad you're enjoying this week and keep coming back to see all the girls and read about them. Thanks for your support!

  13. You bet Chelsea. Keep up the great work!

  14. Hi Chelsea,Love this outfit...It's both a summer and a winter wear...with the right accessories ofcrse!
    and the jacket is particularly cool!!



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