2nd Annual Chels & the City Fashion Week!

Calling all fashion lovers! This week you are in for a treat! Welcome to the start of the 2nd Annual Chels & the City Fashion Week! In honor of two lovely years of Fashion Forward Fridays, I am celebrating by hosting some lovely ladies and of course putting the cherry on top with a giveaway of a $50 gift card to Target. Because who doesn't love Target?

Two years ago, I started Fashion Forward Fridays after reading a GQ article that named Pittsburgh the third-worst-dressed city in America. In the pursuit of showing that Pittsburgh is a fashionable city, I went out on Fridays in search of fashionistas to host on my blog. I literally, stopped random people walking around downtown, asked them some questions about their style and took pictures of them to post on my blog. To be honest, this idea was part genius, part insanity. Genius because Fashion Forward Fridays has consistently brought the most page views to my blog since it's introduction and I'm always told that it is the favorite part of my blog by a lot of readers. But it was insane because I was nervous every Friday morning that, that would be the Friday I wouldn't be able to find someone to post on my blog.  

For last year's Fashion Week, I hosted all Pittsburgh bloggers and ModCloth sponsored a giveaway - but this year, we're making it bigger. Since I am so thankful about the growth spurt my blog has had in the past year, I decided to reach out to bloggers from all over, who I admire, to feature this week. And together we are bringing you the opportunity to win a Target gift card so you can get a jump start on your spring wardrobe! I am so excited to be able to continue Fashion Week this year and by the success of Fashion Forward Fridays in general, and am humbled by the growth this series has brought to my blog.

Thank you for supporting this series and my blog and I hope you enjoy meeting some other fabulous fashion bloggers and take advantage of winning the giveaway! Good luck!


I love you for leaving a comment and do my best to reply to each one! I no longer accept anonymous commenting because of the amount of spam I was getting - I hope this isn't a problem for you. Thanks for checking out my blog :)

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