Brilliant Earth: Diamond Shape Style Challenge

Okay, I usually wait until the end of a post to let you know that it's partnered or sponsored but I feel the need to say right away that this is a partnered post. Since it has to do with engagement rings, and MJ and I hear the, "So when are you getting married," question more than anyone should, I need to let you know right away that I was contacted by Brilliant Earth to do this Style Challenge! After four years of dating, people expect to see a ring on your finger, keep your shirts on, folks.

Granted, I'm currently a bridesmaid for my friend, Hannah, so I've been thinking about weddings more than usual, I'm still not ready myself. And I know that MJ has had my engagement ring picked out since our first anniversary, so I figured he wouldn't mind me warming up to the wedding idea. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm going to marry MJ, we're just not ready in my eyes to do so. (Unless one of you would like to pay for the big wedding we plan to have! That would be nice!)

Anyway, since I know my taste has changed a bit since MJ picked out a ring and then showed it to everyone but me, I agreed to do this post in hopes that what he's picked is similar to the one I've picked from Brilliant Earth, if not the one I picked. I love Brilliant Earth, and am happy to do this partnered post, because finding diamonds and making them into some of the most sought-after jewelry is not always done with the environment or people's well-being in mind. Brilliant Earth has strict labor and environmental standards, and gives back to the communities that have been harmed the most by the poor ethics of others in the jewelry industry, through the sales of their conflict-free diamonds. How good would it feel to wear a beautiful ring for the rest of your life, and know that no one was harmed in creating it?

Anyway, I narrowed down my favorites to these two out of all that Brilliant Earth has to offer. It was pretty easy to do since I know I only like square-ish looking cuts, specifically the cushion cut. I also prefer silver over gold, but both of these selections are actually white gold, which I have just decided is the prettiest.
Left: 18K White Gold Petite Shared Prong | Right: 18K White Gold Chamise Diamond
After looking over these two, I decided on the one on the right, the 18K White Gold Chamise Diamond Ring, because of the wedding band that goes with it. I know that MJ wants to get a paired wedding band for my ring and I thought that this one looked nicer paired together. Mostly because the twisted shaped looks lovely next to the scooped band, while the straight rings look like they'd be fighting for finger space.

So, as the final part of this style challenge, we're supposed to create a style board for the ring of our choice, but you guys know how obsessed with Polyvore I am, so I made two. One for a casual setting, maybe part of the engagement photo session? And one for the big day, because what else does the ring remind you of, if not the wedding?

Which Brilliant Earth ring do you like best? Browse their collection and read more about their mission!

This is a partnered post. I was asked to be a part of this challenge, but all opinions are my own.


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