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Remember when I told you guys that I would have some big news for you soon? Well, it's still a secret and it's still on it's way, but right now I'm in the middle of it and just want to launch. But I cannot because it's not perfect and not ready and not enough. Why do we put ourselves down so much? I know that this project is going to take a lot out of me for quite a while, but every time I get to work on it, I'm in heaven, so why don't I focus on that instead of the nitpicking of the tiniest details?

Easier said than done. I know that this will be a huge endeavor, that I really want it to be long-term and successful. I know that this takes time and energy and that it's not going to be exactly what I want right from the get-go, but instead of letting that fuel me, I sometimes let it be a block in my path. Why? Do any of you do this too? I  feel like this is where Pinterest becomes a problem because we so easily get trapped in comparing ourselves to others, but I've been trying to use it as a motivator. Beautiful designs and inspirational words. Trying to help it fuel me today, and hopefully it'll help you guys out too. I don't feel like I'm in a rut, which is a great. But I just feel like I'm right on the edge of where I want to be before launch and it's killing me to keep pushing to get there. I know all of what I have to do before then and I know things will fall into place and happen as long as I keep guiding it and working hard. Blood, sweat, and tears pay off, right?


  1. You're killing me! I want to know what it is! And yes, I agree- we push ourselves to perfection sometimes and that perfection can often get in the way.

    1. Hahaha! Agreed, Sarah! Hopefully this lives up to your expectations!

  2. I love these. I have a Pinterest board called "pretty thoughts" where I pin inspirational sayings like these. They certainly help keep me motivated. As far as caring about what other people think? I think that that comes naturally because we are social beings and we want to be accepted. I really think that comparing ourselves to others is a big trap. We're all so different and have different challenges, that it's hard to make equal comparisons. That, and it usually leaves people feeling bad about themselves, so I say just don't do it; avoid what makes us feel bad about ourselves. Which is why I avoided certain people in my family. LOL. -Jess L


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