Gig of a Lifetime: Vote for Lovebettie!

Photo provided by Alexandra Naples. 

Hey everyone, today's post is really just to ask you to check out the band Lovebettie in hopes that you will vote for them to play at The Grammy's! A friend of mine from Seton Hill is the lead singer and they are currently in the finals to win the Grammy Gig Of A Lifetime hosted by Surface.

It would mean a lot to me (and them, of course!) if you would at least cast your vote for them today and get them one step closer to achieving this goal. You can however, vote up to 50 times every day for the next three days and every vote helps! And only takes a second to select to give them your max amount of votes per day. 

In case you need a little persuasion in why Lovebettie deserves your votes, here's what people are saying about them: 

"Band To Watch" - Rolling Stone

"Pittsburgh's Hottest Band" - Microsoft Windows
"They will soon be headlining at big arenas." - Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"One of the most unique, best indie bands in the United States right now!" - Indie on Air!

And while I, personally, could go on and on about why Lovebettie deserves this "gig of a lifetime" I'll let them speak for themselves through sharing their music and their submission video. Here's the official music video for their song "Stranger," which was shot in Pittsburgh, and a video from the Milwaukee Summerfest, in which they perform my favorite song of theirs, "Your Own Worst Enemy." And with a special treat of this beautifully simple cover of Rihanna's "Stay" that they just posted on their YouTube channel, yesterday. 

Official:  www.lovebettie.com Facebook:  www.facebook.com/lovebettie iTunes:  www.itunes.com/lovebettie
Lovebettie's new CD, "RISE", produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Live, Fiona Apple) is now available at

This is a partnered post, but as always, all opinions are my own.
Thank you in advance for voting!


  1. That gal's hair sold me. :) I'm off to watch their version of "Stay." Love that song.

    1. Right!? She's awesome! Thanks for checking them out and be sure to vote :)

  2. I voted! :) Hope they get it!



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