Chels Wears: Presents from MJ

Dress & Coat: WalMart | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Clutch: Thrifted
You know how people say that you shouldn't let your man tell you how to dress? Well, those people don't have boyfriends like MJ. Honestly, there is not a piece of this look that I don't love. Although my coat is a gift from my mom, I can only personally take credit for my clutch (which was thrifted) and these heels, that I bought while shopping with MJ. What can I say, he's my part-time stylist! He gave me this dress for Christmas (along with a stunning bag that is not pictured) and this necklace I'm sporting. I cannot tell you where the beautiful ring or necklace came from, since MJ has his lips sealed about that. All I know is that the ring was a gift for my Master's graduation and has Swarovski crystals and the necklace was made by a friend of his just for me for Christmas. He's the best!

MJ and I went to a wedding on Saturday for a friend of his from high school and this was what I wore. These pictures aren't the greatest because they were taken on his iPhone while we were waiting for a serious white-out to pass so we could make it to the reception safely. We did, by the way.

So here's the real question...would you let your man be your part-time stylist? haha
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  1. Aww, MJ did a fabulous job! My husband doesn't have the best eye when it comes to women's fashion, so I will pass on his help! LOL! Glad you guys made it safely and you looked super cute!

    1. Haha I would assume most women would pass on their help, you're welcome to use MJ if you need a male opinion lol

  2. He did great picking out this dress! You seriously look amazing in it! I don't know if I would trust my hubby to pick out things for me on his own. He does great on buying things off my list though ;)

  3. Scott could never be my stylist! He's horrible at it! I think your man does a really good job though! -Jess L


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