Fashion Week: Meet Terra of Stylish White Female!

All photos provided by Terra.
 I am celebrating one year of Fashion Forward Fridays this week by hosting fellow Pittsburgh bloggers for Chels & the City Fashion Week. I started Fashion Forward Fridays because I wanted to prove to GQ that Pittsburgh is a fashionable city, despite their mention of our city being the third-worst-dressed in America. So for the past year, I've been randomly stopping people on the street to ask them their thoughts on fashion and Pittsburgh and feature them on this blog! Since this Friday marks the one year anniversary, what better way to celebrate than to host Fashion Week?

If you've been following along with Fashion Week here, than you know that each day I have featured a Pittsburgh fashion blogger each day and to top off the week, a giveaway sponsored by ModCloth and Heinz History Center focused around vintage fashion is going on. (You can enter below.) You have already met Sarah of Coming Unstitched and Zoe of Pittsburgh in Polka Dots, Liz of Schmatta Matters, Stephanie of Glam & Graffiti. For the last day of Fashion Week, I'm introducing Terra of Stylish White Female.

Terra is possibly one of, if not the most, well-know Pittsburgh fashion bloggers that I can think of. She's basically an icon around these parts because of her impeccable taste, the length of time she's been blogging and because she is super gutsy and takes a lot of her pictures in busy downtown areas like right in the middle of Market Square. I love that she does Community Choice and lets her readers help pick out her outfits sometimes and that we have seen her through all sorts of changes. From hair cuts to all the stages of maternity wear, Terra has always looked beautiful and her style translates well to all kinds of women at different points of their life.

For this week, I sent all of my selected Pittsburgh fashion bloggers the same list of questions I typically ask the fashionista's I find out in the city, but this week I'm letting their responses speak for themselves. Here's what Terra has to say...

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
In Pittsburgh, I love Jupe Boutique, Hip'tique and Pavement. I also love Eons and Highway Robbery. Online, I frequent Zara, ASOS, byLangley and Queens Wardrobe.

How would you describe your sense of style?
Classic with a flair for funky details. 

What are some of your favorite fashion trends right now?
While I tend to avoid trends, there are a few things I am loving. Printed trousers, graphic black and white combinations, and emerald. Really though, none of those things are exceptionally trendy. They just happen to be on trend right now. 

What is some advice you would give to someone who is looking to amp up their style?
Create a mood board. Whether you cut out pictures from a magazine or use an online tool like Pinterest, start gathering images of things you love. Consider television shows, advertisements or movies that you love. Then take that inspiration and make it your own. Got a thing for Downton Abbey? Hit a vintage store and find some brilliant costume jewelry. Are you really into super heroes? Mix up some bright, saturated colors in pieces with classic shapes. 

GQ named Pittsburgh the 3rd worst dressed city in the nation - do you agree/disagree and why?
Every city has it's fashion mascot. You will notice that many fashion-forward cities were also included on that list. I think Pittsburgh has incredible style. But I sort of love that we have citizens who will wear a jersey to any event. It gives our city a distinctive character. 

Where did you get the pieces you are wearing in your photos?
I swapped a few pieces with my friend Andrea from Blonde Bedhead. This is her dress. The sweater and infinity scarf are from Jupe. The jacket is Queens Wardrobe. The belt was thrifted and the booties are from Nine West. I lose and break sunglasses quite easily so I keep mine cheap. These are from H&M

Why did you start fashion blogging?
I was looking for a creative outlet. I loved the idea of blogging because it's a combination of many things that I enjoy. I've always been a student of fashion and personal style. It seems like the appropriate topic for my interests.

Be sure to enter yourself in this week's giveaway, sponsored by ModCloth and Heinz History Center. Today is your LAST CHANCE to enter! The winner will be announced first thing Saturday. Have a great day!


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