Fall Fashion "Needs"

Now that fall temperates are finally here, I've been noticing what I'm missing from my wardrobe for the cooler weather. Some are not really "needs" but more of wants just because with the weather, my taste is changing or I've worn out other items. Here's my short list of items I want/need for fall...
1. Wine Expedition Coat, OneStopPlus | 2. Foldover Combat Boots, Wet Seal | 3. Wrap Bracelet, asos
4. Lace Front Sweater, Maurices | 5. Knitted Tube Scarf, H&M | 6. Floral Headband, Aeropostale
7. Cartography Course Ring, ModCloth | 8. Skinny Jeans, Collective Habit
1. A fun, fitted, jacket. I love love love coats and have recently found the perfect army jacket that I feel like I've been looking for forever. So now I'm on the hunt for something with the military structure, but a cute feel to it and I think this coat from OneStopPlus is perfect. And I just love this wine color for fall.

2. Black combat boots. (Seriously a military vibe going on here!) I have a pair of tan combat boots but have been struggling to pair them with a lot of my wardrobe recently because they are so light, so I think a black pair would even that out. These ones are from Wet Seal and I love the floral pattern on the fold over part.

3. Leather cuff! I recently retired by beloved leather cuff because a snap on it broke. So I'm looking for one, preferably a double strapped one so it's not so similar to the one I used to have.

4. Sweaters. Honestly, who can have enough? I love this one from Maurices because of the lace front, it really gives it a great extra texture and makes it fun and different.

5. Plain knit scarf. I have a lot of pattern scarves and not a lot of really warm scarves. So having a neutral, cozy scarf is a necessity.

6. Headbands. I'm really loving headband looks recently and for some reason, tend to wear my hair up a lot in the fall so they help to style my bun head.

7. Rings! My newest obsession is wearing a bunch of them at the same time and recently got some lovely ones from ModCloth that I cannot wait to show off here.

8. Jeans, especially skinny jeans! I love skinny jeans anyway and it just makes so much sense in the fall and winter because they easily can be worn under boots.

What items are you in need of to complete your fall wardrobe? 


  1. I seem to be lost in the world of scarves, can't stop buying them and my closet can't even hold another one.
    Help!! lol

  2. Haha! I have the same problem it seems like!

  3. That wine color is my absolute favorite color for the fall!


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