Chels Wears: Craft Show Vendor Chic

Boots: UrbanOG | Dress and & Ring: ModCloth | Jacket: TJ Maxx
Scarf and Cross Ring: WalMart | Tights: Target
I wore this outfit on Sunday to a small craft show I went to for Marion Claire Stationery. It was actually much smaller than expected, but for it's size, I did pretty well. I'm really about looking for the right places to sell and finding my best audience at this point. I know that my cards attract a younger crowd, but I still do well with older groups too, so I'm really trying out a lot of different shows and venues until I find which ones are my best fit.

This look might be one of my absolute favorites. My favorite boots, the army jacket I've been looking for forever, a new dress from ModCloth, and colored tights...winner right here. There will be a lot of remixing with this dress going on, I absolutely love it. I wasn't going to wear the jacket during the craft show but it was absolutely freezing in the venue, so the next time you see this dress, I'll try to make it a warmer look. Though I'm not promising anything because I'll probably be wearing this dress A LOT.


  1. I think the outfit is adorable Chelsea.
    Congrats on your stationary success.

  2. This outfit is so cute Chelsea! You found the perfect cargo jacket for sure! I'm glad to hear your stationary is selling well! That must be such a good feeling. Congrats on the success!

  3. fun look. love the bright scarf!



  4. Adorable outfit!! The colors are all so lovely together! Love the dress! I'm glad you did well at the craft fair!

  5. Totally adorbs fromm head to toe Chelsea!!! Thanks for sharing to me your style & blog via your sweet comment in mine - hope you keep in touch!!!


  6. Cuteee! I just FINALLY got a green military jacket and some combat boots so I know that this same outfit formula will be on repeat once it gets chilly here!

  7. Thanks!! This outfit is like my go-to now for fall. What a savior that military jacket is lol


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