We Had A Party!

Welcome sign outside - I was going for an owls and chalkboard theme.
Our card and gift table before the party.
Our "memories" area - table with our diplomas and scrapbooks and room divider behind with pictures.
Natalie, Me & Lindsay - my far-away friends who surprised me by coming to our party!
Me & MJ - showing off our outfits!
Eric & me cutting the cake!
As I mentioned on Saturday, Eric and I had a party to celebrate us both earning our Masters degree this year. It was a fantastic time, full of family and friends, surprise guests, and of course foooood. We decorated in purple in green because those were the colors of PTS and Point Park. The party was held in the fellowship hall of our church and we thank everyone who made it out to celebrate with us! 


  1. The purple dress looks beautiful on you and I love the little owls!

    1. I'll assume you meant green, unless you're trying to hit on my brother haha
      Thanks, Jessica!


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