Monday Nights at Club Cafe

Club Cafe - located at 56 South 12th Street in the South Side
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my brother, Eric, is a music man. Last Tuesday, he talked me into joining him at one of his weekly outings and we went to Club Cafe (one of my favorite Pittsburgh bars) for AcoustiCafe. Which is a weekly open mic for local musicians. And although, I like to sing and am considered the more extroverted sibling, I could never, ever, ever see myself participating in an open mic night, but Eric does it pretty much every week! Guts, man.

We stayed for almost all of the acts last Tuesday, only heading home early because I was still deep into packing mode, and I have to say, as always, I am so impressed by the talented people of this city. Although AcoustiCafe is usually on Monday nights, because it was Memorial Day last Monday, they moved it to Tuesday and had the theme of "Things that make Jocelyn happy" since Jocelyn is one of the main bartenders and it was her birthday.

Eric singing & supporting the Pirates at the same time!
Broken Fences just back from their European tour.
Jimbo Jackson & the house band. Love me a soulful male singer. (Why do you think I date MJ?)
Overall, great event. Great vibe and drinks as always at Club Cafe and I suggest you check it out, since what do you have better to do on a Monday night? Although I will warn you, if you are not participating, you will possibly more than likely feel like an American Idol judge. Or, at least I did. With Eric, of course being the clear winner and Broken Fences and Jimbo Jackson coming in super close runner-up positions.


  1. I can only sing in front of people if I've had a few drinks! It is so scary. But it's also really fun. That's awesome of your brother to do it every week! <3


    1. Haha same here! And my brother is sitting next to me now and saying thanks and that he thinks he's awesome too. What an ego on that kid!


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