Vote for my new profile picture!

Hello sweet readers! Recently I was able to work with my friend, Ashley, of Ash Tay Photography to take some lovely profile pictures for Chels & the City. And I am in love with basically every last one of them!

You can see them on my Facebook (and soon to come Pinterest)! But I have narrowed them down to four options for the main profile picture of this here blog and need your help to decide. (Unbiased opinions if you will.) So see that little box over there to the right that says "Meet Chels" ------->

Yeah...imagine each of these photos in that spot and tell me which one you think would work best there - leave your vote as a comment and I will pick the fan favorite! (The second and third place winners will be used on other pages of this blog so do not fret!) I love all of your faces for reading/voting. I really do appreciate your support and hope that you love reading it as much as I love writing it.

Option #1
Option #2

Option #3
Option #4

Thanks for voting! You are fabulous!

Love, Chels


  1. So I feel like one is the most like you, it kind of shows the essence that is Chelsea. Two is really pretty as well though.

  2. Photo 2. I think 1 is really cute, (and the shoes are fabulous), but I want to see YOUR PRETTY FACE front and center! <3 All beautiful.


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