Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Stephanie!

I have been awful at Fashion Forward Fridays recently and I apologize profusely. I know that it has become my "claim to fame" in blog-world so I promise to get back in the game. I actually have a couple ideas in the works to make it even cooler...if that is possible.
Stephanie, much prettier than that potted plant.

However, feast your eyes on this vintage-dressed cutie: Stephanie! As she poses sweetly outside of the Pittsburgh Public Theater and eagerly welcomes the weekend and the start of a new big-girl job at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I cannot get over this skirt. I think that it is so bold and Stephanie is rocking it, she's braver than I am. Stephanie says that she wouldn't consider herself a fashionista because she wears what she thinks looks good on her, not necessarily what's "on trend." Which I actually think is what makes someone a fashionista/o but I understand what she means. Stephanie said that if she wears what's in style, cool, but if not, that she's still going to wear it, because the best thing to wear is confidence.

I love this advice from her! My interview with her and her responses were like everything I always want people to tell me to write about. Stephanie thinks that the most important thing to do when getting dressed for any occasion is to be honest with your body type. YES. She also said to be proud of what you wear and how you're wearing it. DOUBLE YES.

Stephanie loves stores like Kohl's and The Gap, but also is a avid thrift store shopper, even though she said that her grandmother and mother would disapprove of that. But she said that you have to be patient, thoughtful and clean to be able to make thrift-store finds into treasures. Like for instance, this fabulous skirt she's wearing. How could you not pay attention to this outfit and the lovely lady rocking it while walking downtown? Stephanie also said that GQ should not have named Pittsburgh the third-worst-dressed because this well traveled lady has seen cities that are much worse. Hooray for the home-team!

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