February Gallery Fest

So I've decided that for the month of February I'm going to hit up all of the exhibits that are in the nearby, downtown galleries. My schedule is below. Putting it here means I'll stick to it! The dates I have listed are based solely on times that the galleries are actually open that fit into my schedule, if you would like more information about when a specific exhibit is going on and the hours it's open, let me know, I am happy to help!

Expect reviews of each show and probably some restaurant reviews snuck in there too...a girls gotta eat! I start tomorrow!

Friday, Feb. 3rd - Future Tenat: Distillate
Friday, Feb. 10 - 707 Penn Avenue: Steve Emmett: Internal Reflections
Friday, Feb. 10 - 709 Penn Avenue: Kathryn Carr: Paper Thin Theater
Saturday, Feb. 11 - 937 Liberty Avenue: Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the war in Afghanistan (maybe going to this exhibit, considering I am celebrating valentine's day then)
Thursday, Feb. 16 - SPACE: Overlapping Memories
Tuesday, Feb. 21 - August Wilson Center: Visual Arts Invitational Exhibition
Thursday, Feb. 23 - Wood Street Galleries: HC Gilje: in transit
Friday, Feb. 24 - Future Tenant: Tresspass Performing Artist Residency Series

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