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So I've been debating on whether or not to blog about my recent adventure with MJ to the Pittsburgh International Auto Show and decided today that it is about Pittsburgh, so why not? As promised in my Valentine's Day post, I took my man to the auto show for his Valentine's treat. My Valentine's treat to see The Vow was ruined by a dumb snow storm the weekend prior and since I only really like going to the theater when there is a) nothing else to do or b) during the weekend the movie actually comes out - MJ treated me to a yummy dinner at UNO's before our auto show adventure instead.

Since MJ is not a true Pittsburgh-er and drives everywhere and I still walk super slow thanks to ACL/meniscus surgery in December, we had to deal that whole parking issue and were not allowed to park in the convention center parking garage, so settled for the History Center's lot instead. (Later we were very thankful for our fate.) To be quite honest, I know pretty much nothing when it comes to cars. Although I am a decent driver (for a girl) and I know how to check/change the oil, transmission fluid and a tire...I have never actually done any of those things, but I do know how. (Thanks, dad.) But that's about as far as my car knowledge goes. MJ on the other hand....crazy car freak. One of his shinning male qualities that make up for all the other metro things he does that make people want to question his sexuality. He was in his glory and it was great to be with him as he was talking 100 miles a minute about all these technical car terms. I love making him happy.

Driving away in my new BMW. No big deal.
Obviously, by the title of it, you can probably figure out that cars from all over the world were there. Which was awesome, pretty much every car being made right now was represented. My personal favorites being the KIA Forte Koup, the new Volkswagen Beetle and the MAZDA2. And they also introduced a couple new cars that haven't been released to the public yet, like the Dodge Dart, which is a lovely little guy. Now, I judge cars based on their visual appeal and comfort level, usually my picks (like the ones mentioned) are compact but MJ judges on their brand names and their 534,430,385 aspects that I don't understand and he likes bigger vehicles. But needless to say, we both had an awesome time looking at and sitting in a bunch of cars we hope to someday be able to afford. And just as we finished our rounds and were about to head out of the building, the fire alarm went off, forcing everyone to leave with us. Thankfully we were close to the exit so that I wasn't trampled over and thankfully we didn't park in the convention center garage because we were actually able to leave instead of wait in the cold for the building to be cleared. Great fun and great times had by all....except maybe those left out in the cold!

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