Chels Wears: Green Dress & Blue Tights

Dress and tights: Target | Shoes: Kmart | Scarf: Walmart | Jacket: Deb

It is finally warm outside! When the tempurature broke to 20 degrees I thought I was going to burst so now that it's around 40 I cannot even talk about how happy I am. If only it will stick around!

How great is the color of this dress? I bought this for the combined graduation party that Eric and I had for when we both got our Masters, and I still love it more than most items in my closet. Unfortunately I have not worn it that often because I feel like it's feels very spring time and it is not often bright and gorgeous out around Erie. But it felt like the perfect item to wear when the sun was shining and the day was longer on Sunday. In yesterday's post I talked about losing 25 pounds and now I realize that you cannot really tell in these pictures either because of my coat so hopefully soon I'll be able to show you guys for real and not have to wear a coat. Fingers crossed!


  1. This dress looks fantastic on you! I can tell that you lost weight! I think the first place you can really tell is in someone's face and I can see it! Keep workin' it!!!

  2. I just laughed when you said it was warm at 40°!!
    I love the color of that dress, it looks very springy and is a great color on you.

  3. Ha! I know, Andrea. It's so nice compared to what it has been though lol

  4. I love that scarf! I think I actually have a skirt that looks a lot like it! You're looking great, Chels. Thought I would let you know that! Also, although I do love the snow and was stationed in Illinois, 40 would not make me a happy camper! LOL! -Jess

  5. Thanks so much, Jess! Thankfully it at least feels a lot warmer now.


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