Fashion Forward Fridays: Summer Festivals

All I can think about recently is going to summer festivals. So I thought why not use that for Fashion Forward Fridays? I know that I will be heading to a lot more than usual because I need to get Marion Claire off the ground and summer festivals seems like the way to go for me. But I don't think I'll be able to make it to any of the awesome music festivals that Eric and I really wanted to head out to, which is sad. So here's some fashion inspiration for those of you heading out to all kinds of festivals this summer!
I always want to wear sandals to festivals and then hate myself afterwards for doing that. So much dirt, so much walking, don't wear sandals unless it's in a mostly paved area. (Like the Three Rivers Arts Festival.) And you always need a bag that can hold a lot of stuff in, water bottle, blanket to sit on at any notice, wallet and necessities, camera, and room for stuff you buy. I'm getting excited just thinking about going to festivals! Where are you guys heading this summer?


  1. I love these cool, casual outfits! Especially the food festival one! In the same vein of you wanting to wear sandals, I always want to wear dresses to festivals and parks, but when its hot and my thighs rub together I always get leg burn. Ouch! So I either have to wear jean shorts or wear bicycle shorts underneath, which is terrible when its a million degrees! haha!

  2. AH, yes! Very true, I always forget about that....obviously. I usually hate myself for it later in the day too lol

  3. Oh! So many cute looks! Definitely ready for some summer and concert style!

  4. Me too! I cannot wait for these kind of outings!

  5. Well, thanks for the fashion inspiration! I would seriously wear all of these things; they are very much an expression of who I am. I am fashionably retarded now since I don't practice or think about what to wear anymore beforehand. I literally spend about 30 minutes or more thinking about what I'm going to wear or changing outfits over and over again because I don't like the way I look in anything. Ugh. Horrible. -Jess L

  6. Ugh! Well glad I could provide some inspiration. Hoping you get out of your fashion funk soon lol


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