Chels Wears: Dressy Gothic

Dress: Walmart | Shoes: Guess | Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Anytime I wear a lot of black, my mom always asks if I'm Gothic. I'm not sure she totally knows what that means but this is the first black outfit that I've worn in front of her that she did not ask me that question. That was before I decided to pose for these pictures in front of a rundown graveyard though.

I am in love with this dress. I saw it at Walmart about a month ago and have been lusting after it ever since. So when I went there a week ago and saw it in my size, I had to have it. When I think about a piece that long, I know it's meant to be in my closet! I don't think I realized that the underneath part is much shorter than the sheer overlay until actually putting it on, but I think I like it even more because of that. It gives it a little something extra. Also, not pictured is an awesome little cutout in the back which is the real reason I was lusting for this dress. I am always hooked when an interesting back is on a dress or shirt. In other news, these shoes are Guess and my old college roommate gave them to me for free because she said they just didn't fit her right. Score! Thanks, Sara!


  1. That dress looks GORGEOUS on you Chelsea!! And I'm totally diggin' those leopard heels! So fun!

  2. That necklace is gorgeous. You look great!

  3. I love those shoes! That's such a great out fit to transition through events this season.



  4. Coming over from the Northeast Blogger group! Nice outfit, and love the dress!
    natalie @findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com

  5. STUNNER! I love this dress on you! And oddly enough, we have very similar, yet very different outfits on today on the blogs! Funny!

  6. Awesome! This dress is very gothic looking, but in a glamorous way! I like that its flowy and sheer at the bottom!

  7. I love that you went all out on location :) This dress is really pretty on you - the sheer is lovely! I also love the necklace with the mix of flowers and chains - very cool!

  8. LOL!! You DO NOT look gothic in this dress!!! It's a great black dress that can be worn many times!!! Can't believe it's from Wal-Mart!! What???? Yay for this new location!! xoxo

  9. Right!? I am so in love with this dress! Thanks, Sarah.

  10. Haha, I'll have to go check your blog out too! Thanks!

  11. Thanks!! I have actually had this necklace for like three years and this is the second time I've worn it. It just needs the right outfit to shine appropriately with so I think this combo will happen often lol

  12. love the sheer, flowy look of this dress
    great with the leopard sandals

  13. Rock!
    You Rock!
    You look gorgeous.Your dress is very beautiful.
    I also love you.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article.

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