Chels Wears: Owls

Beanie: Charlotte Russe | Colored Denim: Target | Glasses: Rue21
Owl Ring, Necklace & Sweater: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Sperry's

Okay, friends, I know owls are "on trend" right now so you all think I'm stylish with all my owls, but I'll have you know, I've always been obsessed with those birdies. I recently found out that one of my aunts actually collects these little guys too, which just makes perfect sense. I got my looks from her, I might as well get my taste from her too! (Hi Aunt Karla!)

In other news, this week has been pretty rough. (As you may or may not have assumed based on my lack of posts.) If you've followed along here for a while, then you know of my love for Seton Hill University (where I went for my undergrad degrees) and this past weekend, our little community has suffered another tragic loss. The former President of the University passed away and while that might not seem too important, especially if you went to a big college, it really hit each of us pretty hard since our littler community is so small and close. She was involved in the University (from a student, to professor, to President) for the last 50 years, so it's hard to think of anyone who wouldn't know of her and how truly wonderful she was. I was able to make a trip to campus for her memorial service and am so thankful because she will always be one of my greatest influences. Her ability to be present and live in the moment by focusing on whoever she was talking to always amazed me. She actually cared about each student enough to get to know us and I'm sure she got to know each person in our community. I loved her wit and ability to just relate to anyone, her sense of humor and grace are unmatched and I hope to someday be half of the woman that she was.

Taking that trip to campus also made me remember how beautiful it is in the fall. There is no campus like Seton Hill and it is so breathtaking to actually be there when the trees are in a full range of colors. Which made me want to get these photos taken with some real fall colors - though these are taken in the woods by my house, you get the idea...I love fall, I love owls, I love Seton Hill.


  1. It's nice that people still have unity in the smaller communities. I am sure the memorial service was very touching. On a happy note your owl sweater is freaking fabulous!

  2. Chelsea,
    Is it terrible that whenever things I love become a trend I freakishly buy up everything I can? Foxes and Owls being on trend, god I wish I had more money haha.

    I love the look and you taking advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery!

    -Chrissy of Crashbeauty

    1. Haha, I know Chrissy! It's really become a problem for me too! Thanks!

  3. I love this owl sweater!! My power / spirit animal is definitely the owl!

  4. Oh man, sorry to hear about the president of your university passing away :(

    But I do love your owl sweater and that Fall foliage backdrop! Fall has been plain gorgeous all around :)

  5. So sorry for the loss of such an influential woman in your community. And it is beautiful there. I wish we had more signs of Fall here in San Diego because who doesn't love Fall? = I must also admit, that I am a member of the owl bandwagon, and have a few owl prints in my closet. But where did you get that sweater because it might be a splurge for me next month!?? I love this look on you, by the way. -Jess L

    1. Thank you, Jess - the sweater is from Charlotte Russe! I love it!

  6. Love these photos so much! You look wonderful.

  7. love the owl sweater!

    xo brie


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