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I know you lovelies expect to see some fashion here on Fridays so I asked my blogger friend, Tye of Lagelle, who is also from the Pittsburgh area to guest post today, as to not disappoint you all! I hope you enjoy meeting her today and her outfit - she always does such a great job with remixing great unique pieces and I really enjoy her style! Happy Friday!
Tye in her cute, layered look, getting ready for a Pittsburgh Autumn!
Hello Chels & the City readers!  It's lovely to meet you here, I'm Tye a local Stylist and blogger for Lagelle living in our great city of Pittsburgh! Thank you to Chelsea for allowing me to guest blog post for her while she's getting acclimated to her new job, I know we all wish her the best on her new position.  

I'm getting excited about Fall and being able to layer up with scarves and sweaters.  I scored the scarf I'm wearing in this post on Ebay, well it was a score because I wanted this scarf and it was sold out company wide at Madewell but it wasn't the best of prices. I pride myself on being frugal but now and then I'll treat myself to something I really want.

Chelsea asked me to answer two questions one being: Why I blog?  Initially I blogged to market my Lagelle accessories but it was becoming a chore until I decided I was going to have fun and be consistent no matter what.  I've learned that having a great blog takes a lot of work and consistency.  I continue to give my best and grow as I go along.

Photos provided by Tye.
The other question is: What is my favorite thing about Pittsburgh?  Well everyone that knows me knows that I'm obsessed with vintage and what better place to pick for some vintage goodness than our fabulous thrift stores.  Pittsburgh has the best thrifting hands down.  I love finding vintage gems, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack but when I do I'm overjoyed!  I need to write a book about my pickings & findings (seriously).  I've found some unbelievable treasures throughout the years and for a fraction of the retail price. Often items are not even used, that's awesome!

It was great chatting with all of you today. You can checkout my personal style blog and connect with me here. Bye for now! - Thank you, Tye, for guest posting today and I hope all of you have a great, relaxing and, of course, fashionable, weekend!

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