She Bangs. She Bangs.

Oh, hey there. So I finally got my hairs cut. I love my hair and am obsessed with it long but it was looong overdue for it to be cut. (pun intended) My ends were horrible and I had been craving some bangs for about a year now, so I finally took the plunge.

Left picture taken at about 1pm & Right picture at 3pm - what!?

I have to say looking at these pictures side by side, I am sad because my face looks so much chubbier now with the short hair, but that might just be because of the weird half fish/half pout face I have going on in the long hair picture. Why did I think that was a good idea? I'm sure this will take time to get used to, but I love it! However, let's take bets on how long I can last with these bangs, shall we? haha

Alright let's talk about something more important than my obsession of over-analyzing my face. The experience I had today. I went to Verve Wellness, right in downtown, on Sixth Street. This was the first time I have ever been there but I have heard nothing but fabulous reviews of them. Their yelp! reviews also scream that it's a great place. And I can only add to those great reviews.

Verve is located at 142 6th Street.
From the moment I walked in, everyone made me feel like I was their only priority that day. Even though they of course, had other customers in the salon. Then I met my stylist, DeAndre, and knew this was going to be an amazing experience. He listened to my very particular wishes and random comments about how I wanted my hair. While he was working with my hair, he made sure to explain to me what he was doing, and how the products or techniques he was using would benefit the overall result. He was perfect. I've had stylists in the past not listen to me and do what they thought was best, that ended up being nothing like what I wanted. It was so refreshing to have someone listen, actually listen, and then apply that to what they were doing. But don't take that the wrong way either, DeAndre is clearly an artist when it comes to doing hair. He knew how to take what I wanted and build off of that to be something I love. And I do love this new hair.

Keep in mind though that Verve is not just for hair! They also do nails, waxing, facials, massage, and Pilate's and yoga. It truly is 360 degrees of wellness. I am thrilled to be able to give you guys this recommendation, because I know you will be in great hands there. And I cannot wait to go back for something else. I am in love with this place. I cannot even comment about how beautiful their space is as well...that's like a whole other blog post!


  1. I love the new fringe! So you actually cut your hair too? I can see some layers in the front. I think it looks great. I love fringe like that but I don't have the front hairline to support it. :( And finding a knowledgeable stylist who listens is great! Also, I'm with you on the no pajamas as clothes thing. Yuck! <3


    1. Thank you, Toni! Yes, it is actually MUCH shorter. I'll have some better pictures of it in another post!

  2. Two things- 1- Love the bangs!!! 2- I've been wanting to go to Verve. I was going to go there for my wedding but it was a bit pricey for all my girls.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! And you should definitely go there sometime. Such a great experience! Even if it's just a little spa day for yourself!


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