A lovely, sunny Saturday

Good morning, Pittttsburgh! <----That should be read like "Good morning, Baltimore" from Hairspray 
so if you didn't read it that way, please go back and do so. I'll wait. 

Alright. Glad that didn't take you too long.

So. For a reason unknown to me, I have been awake since before the sun woke up today.
This is the rarest of occasions.
And I made coffee. 
And I turned on my The Avett Brothers Pandora station.
And then I opened the blinds in my bedroom to see this...

Good morning, Pittsburgh.
Good morning, birdies.

And then I watched those little birdies get their morning workout on by flying around
in a large circle for about ten minutes. I would have been worried if I was standing on the street.
Then my tummy made a lion rawr. Yeah, I spelled it rawr. Get over it.
So I made these....

Hard to be healthy when you live with a waffle maker.

And disappointingly only finished half. Fail.

I don't know if you noticed. But I'm in a freakin good mood today.
Soon I will be heading to the grand little town of Ellwood City to celebrate that one of my favorite
friend's from high school is knocked up. (eeek, babies!) I'm excited to see some lovely 
old friends who I haven't laid eyes on for quite some time now.

I'm also excited to get hugs from my parents today.
And then later, I'm excited to squeeze in some MJ time.
We haven't exchanged Christmas presents yet, so we figured we should do that before Valentine's Day.
Couple of the year right here.

Tomorrow I will update you on the 30x30x30 challenge so far, 
for those of you who aren't following my every pin on Pinterest

ALSO - I was featured on The Curvysta Haven yesterday so you can check out my interview

I hope you all have the most fabulous of Saturdays!

Love, Chels


  1. That view is beautiful - it'd be hard to have a bad day when you wake up to that!! Have a fabulous weekend - it sounds like you plan to!

  2. Love the first two pictures
    Just so lovely

  3. the morning sky is gorgeous!!!

    btw im hosting a giveaway for a cute clothing boutique and i'd love for you to enter it if you have time :)

    The DayLee Journal


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