Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Emily!

Today you guys are meeting a great friend of mine from Seton Hill, who I cannot wait to see at our alma mater's Homecoming tomorrow! Emily is that friend we all have who looks good no matter what. She could be having the worst and busiest day ever, and she still somehow always looks flawless. So when she jokingly said she'd want to be on Fashion Forward Fridays, I wondered why I had never asked her before already. Here she is with a simple chic, and casual Friday appropriate, outfit to inspire you. Read on to learn more about her and her style!

How would you define your style?
It is hard to define my style, as I take inspiration from many different areas and like to mix things up.  One day I may be in jeans, chucks, and v-neck tee, whereas another I may have on a blazer, pencil skirt, heels and pearls! I like to play off both current trends, but also classic timeless looks.  I guess you could say my closet is a collage of many different looks and styles.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
HA! I don't know if I can even answer this question! I LOVE to shop! I guess going off of my first answer, I would have to say The Limited (love their work clothes), Macy's, New York & Company, Kohls (LC is my fav!), GAP and who can resist Target! Marshalls also is a favorite - you never know when you might find a killer Michael Kors sweater dress :)

If someone asked you for fashion advice, what would you tell them?
If I had to give someone fashion advice, I would have to say to follow their own interest and style, not what the celebs or TV ads are "telling" them to wear.  Yes, I will admit that I follow the latest fashion trends and visit Pinterest daily (I know I have a problem), however it is still important to be unique and feel comfortable in your own skin! Be yourself and wear what makes you feel pretty!

Where did you get the pieces you're wearing in the photos?
Top - Target, Jeans - Macy's, Shoes - Target, Watch - New York & Company, Scarf - Not gonna lie, Gabe's, Jewelry - Charlotte Russe......September is an awkward month in my opinion for fashion. Its too cool for shorts and flip flops, but you aren't quite ready for the flannel and boots! So I try to combine both summer and fall pieces to create those outfits that work perfect for that Indian Summer.  Think light fabrics and fun colors mixed with some scarves or cute flats. Layering is great too!

What trend are you loving this season?
So far I am loving what I am seeing out at stores for fall fashion! I may be biased because it falls in line with what I would typically wear, but.....neutral but powerful colors, soft fabrics, cozy sweaters, infinity scarves, mixed patterns and stripes, and riding boots! And whether or not it continues to be a fall trend or fashion no no, you will still see me rocking my sock bun!

GQ named Pittsburgh the third-worst-dressed city, do you agree/disagree and why/why not?
I think Pittsburgh is a unique city. I have seen some fabulous fashion, as well as some not so great looks. We are an eclectic town, filled with various cultures, generations and interests, so I think that plays into what we see in terms of clothing and fashion. Hit up Bloomfield and you will see one set style, and then pay a visit to the Jason Aldean concert and you will think we are in Texas. Nonetheless, everyone dresses in the way that they feel best. I will admit to venturing to Walmart in sweats and hoodie from time to time, so who am I to judge?!

See you tomorrow, Miss Emily & happy weekend everyone!


  1. she's gorgeous! and i love her casual yet chic style. that scarf is so pretty!

  2. OMG Really? I do not think Pittsburg is the worst dressed I am sure there are others that could claim that title.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

    1. Well "THIRD" worst lol so only two cities are apparently worse haha

  3. Beautiful! I love her style and that she shops at "normal" stores. Very true about being yourself when getting dressed and not what everyone else is telling you.

  4. Such a darling feature!! Emily has such cute style! :)


  5. I love meeting other bloggers! :)
    I am your newest follower on GFC. I LOVE the design of your site! It's bold and assertive. It's nice to meet you! :)

  6. love the shoes and the combo of grays


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