So Many Arts!

Well for the past week, downtown has been invaded by people coming to and from the Three Rivers Arts Festival. The festival, which boasts of being one of the biggest of it's kind started on June 1st and will wrap up tomorrow night.

The festival sponsored by Dollar Bank.
All of Point State Park and the Hertz Gateway Center have been taken over by vendors for food and art booths and a great creativity zone for the kids, all while tours are being given of the entire Cultural District. To say the least - this event has entirely taken over my main stomping grounds and is showing the greatest side to downtown.

Ashley Hodder working on "The Catch of the Day." Photo by CityPaper.
The festival which is "Celebrating creativity and promoting environmental responsibility," is doing a great job of keeping people entertained and well fed, all while making sure that everyone in attendance is making conscience efforts to be "green." All throughout the festival, there are trash and recycling containers that are greatly decorated and show how things can be reused, called the 3R's: Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. As well as a tent dedicated to collecting ideas about how to better Pittsburgh and polling to see how people got to the festival via "The Green Machine" hoping it will all make people more aware of how to be more green! My favorite art was actually not for sale and was a giant fish made out of a bunch of trash that was found in the rivers. It was super cool, but kind of annoying to see the kinds of things people throw in the river without thinking of how it could effect the environment.

Since it's opening, I have been to the festival about three times. The first time was solely to eat, while on Tuesday afternoon it was to see my friends Caleb and Shawn play on the Dollar Bank Stage, which was an awesome experience for them and a great entertainment session for everyone stopping by and then on Thursday to actually take in the whole festival with Eric, who found an awesome digital art print of one of his music idols, Johnny Cash. Although I probably won't be heading down anymore this weekend - if you have yet to head down or just need a bit more family fun in your week, tonight and tomorrow are you last chances to experience it all. Have fun!

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